Resolute Sour ALE

Our flagship sour ale aged in wine barrels. The first beer we produced as a solera, the Resolute showcases intricacies without gimmicks. We age and blend with a special collection of "blessed" barrels to produce this masterful brew. Sip slowly and enjoy--let it rest a few minutes after serving for the best experience.

Yearlong Raspberry Sour Wheat

We take a slightly higher gravity version of our Solstice and age it for a year in wine barrels with a bit of raspberry. The result is an easy drinking but surprisingly complex sour wheat with new subtleties you'll discover in each sip.

Plausibility Whiskey Sour Porter

A more mild sour, the Plausibility is sweeter on the palate, with notes of chocolate and oak. We age this sour porter in whiskey barrels, giving it a characteristic finish.

Inflection Bourbon Cherry Sour

Sour ale aged with cherries in bourbon barrels. We sought to brew a beer that brought in elements of a good whiskey sour without going completely overboard, and we think the beer speaks for itself. Solid bourbon nose, mild cherry garnish on the palate, with the sour finish you'd expect from DCB.

Irregularity Blackberry Sour Blonde

Blackberry and lemon with a more singular sour profile, the Irregularity is a beer we made on a whim – a whim we're glad we had. A sour you can relax with year-round, with just enough of a fruit profile to bring extra character to this barrel-aged beer. Bright acidity from the souring process capped with hints of lemon mellowed with time and blackberry.

Herdsman Apricot Sour Farmhouse

Sour farmhouse aged with apricots A regular grab-bag of different grains, overnight sour mash, and finish in old Resolute barrels with apricots produced this beer that even we said "wow" to. The apricots complement the esters from the farmhouse yeast – an almost inseparable pairing of flavors--while the quick barrel finish brings the contrasting tartness of a young sour.

Solstice Sour Wheat

Light Berliner Weisse-style sour wheat with fermentation-driven flavors of tropical fruit and citrus. An overnight sour mash brings natural funk and complexity, while a four-month aging process produces a well-rounded finish. This beer is far from a one-dimensional sour and borrows heavily from older brewing processes.

2017 Menagerie Sour Ale

Indescribable as a single type of beer because it simply isn't, the Menagerie is a special yearly blend available in limited quantities. 2017 brings a complex zoo of fruits, hops, and other ingredients to create a smooth sour profile with notes of maple, bourbon, and peach.


A wild ale from locally-captured yeasts and aged with wild mountain huckleberries from the Pacific Northwest, the Forager is a unique and rare experience. Aged in neutral oak to produce a complex, dry sour with hints of fruit.

Rampant Sour Red

A Flanders-inspired sour red ale, the Rampant is a blend of 1-year and 2-year aged barrels. Tart with good malt characteristics and dried fruit notes.